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Practical Implications: Hereditary CRC includes hereditary nonpolyposis CRC (Lynch syndrome), familial adenomatous polyposis and other rare types such as Peutz-Jeghers syndrome and familial juvenile polyposis.

Based on the clinical manifestations and family history, highly suspected cases can be screened for in the general population and the diagnosis ruled out by genetic analysis.

Dabu also has three rivers converging at Sanheba town, - literally bay of three rivers - site of a famous 1927 battle.

The country's Hakka earthen buildings are considered a wonder of oriental architecture.

Made of rammed earth and timber with very thick walls, they were built to provide defense from enemies, bandits and even beasts.

The 11.9-m-high building is round, with a three-ring adobe and wood structure and 210 rooms.

At the center of its interior is a 283-sq-m cobblestone courtyard with an ancient coin pattern 3 m in diameter that is meant to ensure enough food and clothes.

A trip of three to five days can take in the county's excellent ecology and natural scenery, its variety of ancient Hakka homes and folklore, and visit some of the cradles of Han music and opera.

Other sites include terraced rice fields, forest parks, wide mountain ranges, temples that date back more than 1,000 years and crystal-clear rivers where you can see fish swimming and stones lining the riverbed - all of which together have made Dabu known as "Shangri-La of the Hakka world".

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