Who was kareena kapoor dating before saif ali khan

However, many Bollywood actors have normalised the concept of living-in by practising it in real life.

Some are still together, while some have parted ways.

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Harshvardhan and Sara are alleged in a relationship and, now that the duo was spotted in the same car arriving together at the party, have the rumoured couple made their relationship official?

In India, the idea of live-in relationships is still taboo.

In a country where you still can't rent hotel rooms with your partner if you're unmarried, many people get married young, just so they can enjoy simple things, like waking up next to each other, or travelling together, without the fear of being judged.

The two moved into a flat located in west Bandra, Mumbai, in 2014.

They called it quits last year, but still maintain a professional relationship.

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