Who is steve ott dating

Perhaps his tendency to push and shove opposing players after whistles had something to do with it.Evidently, Ken Hitchcock began to buy into that narrative as well; he went so far as to put Ott on the power play.The advanced stats also demonstrate how much worse he got as he aged.(They also suggest that even when he was putting up decent goal totals, he wasn't that good). Here's what we're seeing: out of the eight hockey seasons since 2007-08, Steve Ott has been on the ice for far more shot attempts by the other team than by his team.With Ott on the ice, his team struggles mightily to possess the puck. "Sure," you might say, "of course the other team will outshoot Ott's team when he's on the ice.He starts most of his shifts in the defensive zone." And you'd be right.

But when we look back at that trade in 20 years, we might not call it the "Ill-fated Miller Trade." In fact, it is the acquisition of Steve Ott that could prove much more harmful.

So let's take a look at his Corsi numbers relative to the teams he's been on (from war-on-ice.com): See how that last column is usually negative?

It tells us that even though he's been on some bad teams, when he's on the ice, the team becomes even worse.

Louis in the last year of a four-year, .8 million contract as part of the ill-fated Ryan Miller trade.

The Blues acquired Ott and Miller from Buffalo on February 28, 2014 in exchange for Chris Stewart, Jaroslav Halak, a prospect, a 2015 first round pick, and a 2016 third round pick.

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