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Pricing involves a flat fee, 5% of the cost of the delivered items and a tip to your runner.

Favor was founded in Austin and has been successful enough to expand to select areas in Boston and Dallas so far.

A Flatiron district gentleman offers a private furnished room in a lovely doorman building with elevator 'in exchange for light housekeeping or reduced rent'.

Sounds great, until you read the very specific criteria in the ad title 'Model/Artist/Dancer'.

One thing Favor can’t deliver is alcohol, and that’s where Couch Potato Austin comes in.

This business represents a “convenience store to your door” and can bring you anything from local beer, wine, cigarettes, groceries or even customized gift baskets.

You can search for items one at a time or submit your entire grocery list, and your delivery will arrive on your doorstep within three hours.

Super Natural Food is one of Austin’s newest delivery services and offers 100% vegan, organic and raw foods.

If you’re looking to avoid a time consuming grocery store trip, Burpy has you covered.

Their system runs completely through their website, hence the reason why it’s among the most user-friendly.

No matter what the scenario is, I don’t ever have to go without the things I want or need because of the plethora of quality Austin delivery services this great city has to offer.

cashless and runs through an app you download onto your phone.

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