Updating employee handbook

DOL Interim Final Rule with Inflation "Catch-up" Adjustment Amounts The interim rule specifies that the catch-up inflation adjustments will apply to penalties DOL assesses after Aug. Failure to furnish employee benefit plan documents to DOL upon request (including plan and trust documents, summary plan description, summary of material modifications collective bargaining agreement).1, 2016, if the associated violation occurred after Nov. Section 502(c)(6) Failure of multiemployer DB plan sponsor to adopt a funding improvement plan for plan in endangered status (or failure to adopt a rehabilitation plan for plan in critical status).Since SARS switched to this new form in June, it expects that you’re going to use it exclusively, to submit your Vat returns.

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Every employer covered by the FMLA is required to conspicuously post a notice explaining the statute's provisions and providing information for filing complaints of violations with the DOL’s Wage and Hour Division.The inflation adjustment will be determined from October to October using CPI-U, and the adjusted penalty amounts will be announced on the agency's website no later than the following Jan. Annual inflation adjustments will not be subject to the usual regulatory agency notice and rulemaking process.In Closing Although the DOL does not typically assess the maximum penalty permissible under the law, the threat of larger penalties may provide plan sponsors and administrators with stronger incentives to pay careful attention to compliance deadlines.Currently, an employer that willfully violates the posting requirement may be assessed a civil money penalty of up to 0 for each separate offense.The DOL is increasing the maximum penalty for violation of the FMLA’s posting requirement to 3 for each separate offense.

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