Updating a progress bar during php scripts

So the page would only display after the 30,000 DB calls have been completed.

It is showing error like 'rate' is null or not an object. Thanks in advance Regards, Chaitra Is there any way to have the files auto-uploaded as selected? How to Seperate each file in each upload (not include all file in upload progress bar) I integrated a new (better) PHP Upload Progress Bar Script in my PHP project. However, It will jump to 100% after the file is done. John, In regards to my progress bar animation problem. I have a site where I'm attempting to run your code. The problem I'm having, and that I have with my own tests, is that apc_fetch just doesn't work. Hi, I have tried this out, but the problem is, after pressing the submit button, on a fraction of a second the progres bar seems displayed, but after that, it displays some text like What may be the problem? This form has a lot of hidden input fields and several buttond to download files and go back to other form which uses the hidden input field in this one.I've copied the php file, the specified YUI files, and I have APC enabled (multiplesmarket.com/info.php). Is there any way to run you progress bar iframed to avoid data lossess? Thank you, With kind regards, Dave JC hey there, I got similar issue as DAVE with running script, i dont see progress bar.Single File Upload Requirements: You must have APC (Alternative PHP Cache) and PHP 5.2 installed on your server for any of this to work. I cant install your whole scrit for file uploading because i have many options in the backend in my existing script, so i want only the progress bar module of your script. Now I would like to use your / Rasmus' script to do the upload.This is really the only potential problem for those who don't have root access to their server. But I don't know where I would refer to my script or do move_uploaded_file(). Thanks, Andy Hi, i want to use these beautifull script. Am I misreading the manual where it says: Note that the file upload tracking is not threadsafe at this point, so new uploads that happen while a previous one is still going will disable the tracking for the previous.

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