Trina dating young buck my daughter dating older guy

Neither one ends up looking good, and we can trace the whole messy story just by typing “Buck” into the Nah Right search function. ) Sometimes I wonder if blanket internet coverage of every developing rap beef isn’t having the same effect on rap that the gaffe-obsessed 24-hour news-cycle is having on presidential elections.Whenever anybody fucks up, we immediately know exactly what happens and how bad it was.This is a relationship I never saw coming nor do I believe it. Something tells me this is a publicity stunt and we will see Trina as a love interest for Erica on the hit reality show.Erica and Bow Wow had a very messy break up which they aired on social media.Truth is, Trina was in love..Trick's half-brother Derek "Hollywood" Harris, dating for two years until he was shot to death in '94.

50 rarely interjects on Buck’s ramble, and when he does, he sounds like a bored middle-school assistant principal dealing with a problem kid, all theatrical patience and condescension.50 can win this little dispute and still come out looking pretty detestable.Buck, meanwhile, would do well to focus on Starbucks, the hilariously named group he’s got going with fellow Nashville rapper and major-label refugee All $tar.Buck starts out by promising that he’s incapable of making dis records about 50, whether or not 50 kicks him out of the group. I don’t want you to dismember me from the group, honestly, period.” And then: “I’m just tryna make you happy.” When he starts talking about that tax money, he gets increasingly frothy and upset.“I’m confused a little bit,” he says, and a tremor creeps into his voice.

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