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“They had to move on and I don’t have £10 million for the theatre,” says the peer, whose father, the 4th Lord Cottesloe, was chairman of the South Bank Theatre Board.“I am happy that my father’s name is to be preserved in the new Cottelsoe room, which is going to be used for trials and experimentation.Sophie Anderton is keen to start a family with her boyfriend, James Simpson, an internet entrepreneur.“I’d like to think we’ll have children next year,” she tells me at the RPJ Crohn's Foundation Rock Ball. I was far too young, but I was head strong so my mother supported me because I was going to do it anyway.” She adds she has her heart set on twin boys, in any case.Jemma Kidd, the make-up artist, will accompany her husband, the Earl of Mornington, who is the duke’s grandson and eventual heir, to the Duchess’s funeral.Lord Cottesloe is priced out Lord Cottesloe is putting a brave face on the National’s decision to rename the Cottesloe Theatre as the Dorfman Theatre after Lloyd Dorfman, the founder of the foreign exchange firm Travelex, donated £10 million.

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The union specifically raised concerns that recommendations limiting the number of governing bodies one person can sit on, and preventing certain individuals from being involved in running schools, have not been acted on.

Almost from the first day she was appointed in 2012, Mrs Hewitt-Clarkson has fought a running battle with a small but significant minority of hardline governors and parents who tried to undermine her and the ethos of Anderton Park (some Muslim children, for example, were discouraged by their parents from playing with white pupils).

The headteacher also gave evidence to last year’s Clarke inquiry — led by former counter-terrorism police chief Peter Clarke — into the Trojan Horse controversy.

” Dr Sentamu seems to have a need to be all things to all men.

In January, he was, for instance, charm itself when he dined in Jamaica with Rupert Everett when the Archbishop was on the island to mark its 50 years of independence.

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