Rules about dating my daughter

I had the exact same approach in mind when my daughter was born.Had the same conversation with my omni hubby and we agreed to the exact same thing. Then I started doing more research on the harmfulness of meat and dairy. And that during family gatherings I would have to feed it to her. If I’m eating a healthy vegan diet, take so much care to avoid chemicas and the toxic products that are meat and dairy, then my daughter shall also.We are working on family understanding, which takes time.I think there can be something in-between: I am feeding my baby girl only vegan food and am asking others only to feed her vegan food (in daycare, at grandparents) as long as she is still a baby and is being fed by adults.I have since come to the same conclusion as you did and I am not forcing my way of eating on them and I will allow them to decide when they are older, what works best for them.Don’t get me wrong, these little girls still get a healthy does of vegan cooking, but I do include what they enjoy as well.These information were not given to me growing up which I know would have helped me.I feel that I got deceived living the way I did before and would have made a compassionate choice earlier if I had known the truth. My daughter turned 4 months old on Friday and it has been so much fun reading your posts on Adriana – it is like a sneak peek into what lies in the weeks to come!

I understand the point being made here for those who define themselves as vegan.On a side note, we had a hilarious episode on Christmas morning that involved your cookbook!It so turns out that my husband and I had the exact same idea – we gifted each other a copy of your cookbook – so now we have two copies on our bookshelf! I think you have a wonderful, healthy perspective on this topic. My daughter is 7 months old and we are discussing her food as we have introduced her to solid foods (and I am considering staying vegan past my current 30-day challenge) but I was thinking of all the delicious Polish food I will miss out on like Kielbasa (especially since we are visiting Poland next year and my own Babcia) My husband and I have the same take on the subject. Our daughter doesn’t eat meat but we don’t deny her little pleasures in life such as birthday cake or popcorn on occasion.:) My husband is vegetarian and I am not, and we have had very similar discussions about what our daughter’s diet should include.I cook mostly vegetarian food and often weeks go by when I have not cooked any meat in the house.

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