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He agreed to spend £400 on improvements, despite the mill being only 15 to 20 years old.He replaced the undershot wheel with a very large breastshot wheel of wood and iron, which also meant that he had to raise the banks of the millpool to bring the water level up to breastwheel height, giving a 10 feet fall. The winter of 1813-1814 was very cold, and the frost was persistent.In 1784 the Reverend Sir John Cullum had published his book on the history of Hawstead.

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It lists the old style races - the'Jingle race' and pig hunt.The by-now eight troops of Suffolk Yeomanry originally formed in 1793 were formed into the First Regiment Loyal Suffolk Yeomanry Calvary. At Chedburgh the Marquess of Bristol built a school for Jonathan Cooper, probably a former soldier, to use for his classes.Other places might rely on the rector or his wife to teach basic literacy.Probably this low rental implies that Ridley had paid for the building to be erected, and in effect this was just a site rent.In addition there were two new cottages for Sir Thomas Cullum's labourers which were not yet occupied.

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