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In some circles, most notably those of the intellectual elite philosophers and poets, relationships between men and boys were lauded as the highest expression of romantic love. Males who were (willing or not) the receiving partners in these Acts, especially on a repeated basis, were socially outcast.Boys were bought as slaves and discarded when they reached puberty.The major obstacle to this interpretation is the Hebrew verb "to know" (yada []), which, while not often used in a sexual sense, is used in just that sense in verse 8only two verses after its occurrence expressing the desire of the men of Sodom.Clearly the Sodomites desired sexual relations with Lot's guests.It was, rather, a culture almost empty of regard for the sexual rights or desires of anyone but the small ruling class of men, who commonly exercised their almost limitless privilege at the expense of those young women and men in their power. Into this world of ruthless sexuality came the biblical message of restraint, justice, and sexual complementarity, which was revolutionary in its implications.From the beginning it is acknowledged that humankind is created in two genders that together bear God's image ( Gen ) and together constitute a unity of flesh ( Gen ).Sexual differentiation ( ) intends physical union, the becoming of one flesh ( ).Because a homosexual relationship cannot produce a unity of sexually differentiated beings, there cannot be a marriage.

Some today will therefore argue that what the Bible appears to condemn can be distinguished from homosexuality.

Some theologians have suggested that to be created in the image of God according to Genesis means to be in social fellowship with other persons.

Others deduce that homosexual relations are merely an expansion of the category of marriage under this rubric of fellowship; that is, intimacy and not biology is the appropriate measure of conformity to the Genesis marriage model.

While there may be legitimate conditions under which this union will not occur (e.g., celibacy), there are no conceivable conditions in which the union can occur fully without sexual differentiation.

More specifically in terms of homosexuality, then, same-gender partners can at best pretend to effect a differentiation that is physiologically (and perhaps psychologically) impossible.

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