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In many Muslim communities in this country, polygamy is commonplace although as a nation bigamy is legally forbidden.” Witnesses to the Commons Home Affairs Committee, as part of the broader inquiry into Sharia councils, have warned that the number of polygynous marriages is on the rise.

They point out that whilst polygamy is illegal, there is no requirement for a civil, legal, ceremony to precede a Sharia marriage.

And, he adds, the service is not exclusively for Muslims, although the original site, founded in 2014, was aimed at them.

"For us what is important is whether the women and children are protected in polygamous marriages," the ministry's spokesman Hasan, who uses one name, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Mr Iyus said he will continue to refer to the app to learn how to juggle his two families.

Lawyer Rachmat Dwi Putranto, who deals with marriage matters, said polygamy is "not that easily achieved" as Indonesian courts will only give permission if the first wife is disabled, ill or cannot bear children.

But Ms Indriyati Suparno, a commissioner from the government-backed National Commission on Violence Against Women, said the app was trying to "normalise polygamy".

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