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After more than four decades entertaining through the comics, the most known couple of detectives are brought to life by means of 3D C. This third adaptation to the cinema of the popular characters of Spanish comic of F.Ibáñez got a big box office similarly the first outing : ¨La Gran Aventura De Mortadelo Y Filemón¨(2003) also directed by Javier Fesser grossing more than 4,750,000 spectators and almost 22 million Euros .Eventually they will be forced to team up to find Jimmy's hideout.Meanwhile, Professor Bacterio tries to help the pair of agents with his latest invention: the "reversicine", a beverage that turns people into the exact opposite of what they are or think.

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To make matters worse, dangerous criminal Tronchamulas has escaped jail and plans to exact revenge on Filemón for arresting him in the past.There also appears other personages such as ¨Ofelia¨ the fat and vain secretary of Superintendente Vicente .She is still single and would like to become involved with someone -usually with Mortadelo- , but so far her attempts have been in vain.He has incredible skill in disguising himself as virtually anything ranging from animals to professionals outfits, machinery etc...Like everyone else, he cares very little about his boss and has often prove that he might be actually more competent than Filemon. Initially presentend as the "Straight-Man" to Mortadelo's "Ditz" in the comics, his portrayal into the movies is different: extremely stupid, arrogant, cowardly, bossy and incompetent, he's also incredibly accident-prone, capable of being injured in comical and painful ways.

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