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For more information phone 978-670-2740, leave a message and someone will return your call.is located at the Faulkner Mills, 71 Faulkner St., No.Completed in 1803 after 10 years of construction, the Canal connected the Merrimac River in what is now Lowell with the Charles River at Sullivan Square in Charlestown. Already the kingfisher sat upon a pine over the water, and the bream and pickerel swam below. 3 to exit 28, Treble Cove Road, then follow the Middlesex Canal signs. Those planning to participate in the walk are encouraged to meet at pm in the Sandy Beach (a.k.a.In many ways it served as a model for later canals including the Erie Canal. On Saturday, April 1, 2017, the Middlesex Canal Association will lead a bicycle tour of the Middlesex Canal. Thus all works pass directly out of the hands of the architect into the hands of Nature, to be perfected." - The walk is an opportunity to experience Thoreau's prediction after a lapse of 177 years. After crossing the Billerica Falls bridge over the Concord River, the parking lot is 100' on the right. Billerica exit south to the road's end at a T intersection, turn right, then bear right at the Y, go 700' and turn left into the parking lot. Shannon Beach) parking lot, 4 Mystic Valley Parkway, Winchester.Send comments, suggestions, photos, and any other interesting information about the Middlesex Canal to webmaster Robert Winters at [email protected] - There was an informal gathering in Tom Raphael's memory at the Middlesex Canal Museum & Visitor Center at pm on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 after the pm monthly meeting of the Middlesex Canal Association Board of Directors.[Facebook Page] First Wednesday - MCA Board of Directors' Meetings - The Board meets the first Wednesday of every month (except July and August), at the Museum, from to pm. Fall Meeting – Sunday, October 22, 2017 On Sunday, October 22, 2017 at pm the Middlesex Canal Association will hold a public meeting at the Middlesex Canal Museum and Visitor Center, 71 Faulkner Street, North Billerica, MA. Today he serves on the boards of the Shirley-Eustis House the West End Museum has also developed an interpretive map which is now on display by the Norman B. A portion of Roger Hagopian's Video of the life of Thomas Raphael was shown along with a sharing of reminiscences of those present.Should you plan a function, we hope that you will consider us.The reasonable charge of 0 covers the room and a committee member who will be present throughout to assist you.

For information about upcoming walks and tours of the Middlesex Canal, contact Roger Hagopian. Raphael and his wife Suzanne of Blue Point, NY and the late David G. He was a Renaissance man, an inventor, an inspiration to all who knew him, and one of the most wise and interesting people I have ever known.Sites to be visited include: two guard locks; an anchor stone and the ‘peninsula’ at the opposite ends of the floating bridge that once carried the towpath across the Concord; the 1825 iron bolt pond-level reference; the “deep cut”; a smallpox memorial marker; and stretches of canal some of which are still watered. Over its lifetime, among the myriad of items that were shipped, this system transported countless logs and timber products for construction, heating, shipbuilding and export; granite and brick building materials, gunpowder and chemicals, and boatloads of cotton bales and textiles in support of the growing New England textile industry.The walk will be led by Robert Winters and Marlies Henderson. Interspersed throughout much of this system were more than three dozen “Landings”, which provided shipping and receiving services for those who had goods to transport. Breen, President of the Middlesex Canal Association, will address the Winchester Historical Society, 15 High Street, Winchester, MA 01890.Billerica MA For more information on the Museum, call 978-670-2740. If interested, e-mail museum2014 AT (Will Barker) Take Route 3 North or South to Exit 28 "Treble Cove Road, North Billerica, Carlisle".At the end of the ramp, turn onto Treble Cove Road toward North Billerica. After another 3/4 mile you'll come to a traffic light; this is Route 3A; go straight.

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