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Il Caso Calipari è stata una delle patate bollenti più scottanti che il governo Berlusconi ha dovuto affrontare in questi ultimi anni per ciò che concerne la politica estera.

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In thepast, we have made announcements to this effect and we holdto this prospect.To this day, Italy recognizesitself in the Le Monde headline after the 9/11 tragedy thatread, "We are all Americans."Our commitment to do what is possible to ascertain the truthand possible responsibilities remains unchanged.It is acommitment we intend to honor, first and foremost for therespect we owe to the memory of Nicola Calipari.S E C R E T ROME 001593SIPDISBAGHDAD PLEASE PASS TO BG VANGJEL; JUSTICE FOR ASSISTANT ATTORNEY GENERAL, CRIMINAL DIVISIONE. 12958: DECL: 05/08/2015TAGS: PREL, MOPS, KJUS, IT, IZ, IRAQI FREEDOMSUBJECT: IRAQ/ITALY: BERLUSCONI IN PARLIAMENT ON CALIPARI-STRESSES GOOD RELATIONS AND COOPERATION WITH US, COMMITMENTTO IRAQ; ALSO MENTIONS WITHDRAWAL PLANSREF: ROME 1506Classified By: DCM Emil Skodon, reasons 1.4 b and d.1.(S) Summary and Recommendation: On May 5-6, PM Berlusconispoke to both houses of Parliament about the jointinvestigation and separate reports of the March 4 shooting of Italian Intelligence officer Nicola Calipari by US forcesnear Baghdad.

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