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The reading list included texts on narrative storytelling and books on 9/11, including "The Ground Truth," by John Farmer, counsel to the 9/11 Commission, and "Your Father's Choice," by Daniel Zegart and Lyz Glick about the passengers on board United Flight 93, which crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.And of course, there was a field trip to ground zero.She and her classmates were coached on how to question people who survive traumatic experiences.

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See one Rutgers student's video package about the 9/11 project Rutgers, New Jersey's state university, seemed a natural fit.For the two oldest, Corinne and Casey, those memories come back in bits and pieces.Ten years later, it's hard to tell what's truly recalled and what's suggested by family stories, photos and home movies.She would have to wait until she was nearly grown, a junior in college, to really understand how September 11 changed lives and tested the human spirit.The lesson came through three sisters and a snapshot.

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