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Just a joke.” But one officer at the seminar took offence on the commissioner’s behalf, and filed a third-party harassment complaint.

Merrifield learned of the complaint in October, Phillips says, when he was informed that Paulson was now the principal complainant.

But one of his closest lieutenants, Assistant Commissioner Steven White, later testified that RCMP brass knew about it as early as January 2012, and that he discussed it with Paulson at that time.

Family members are coming to the defense of a man seen in a video posted online, smashing through the windows of a man’s car during a confrontation in Grande Prairie.

It was then, his lawsuit claims, that a handful of his direct commanders took exception to his decision to stand for the federal Conservative nomination in Barrie, Ont., and accused him of failing to obtain the proper leave without pay.

Merrifield lost the nomination, but alleges his bosses had by then embarked on a campaign of harassment, opening four code-of-conduct investigations against him in secret, none of which resulted in discipline.

He has cited it as evidence that the RCMP’s commissioned officers protect their own, while using harassment procedures to drive non-commissioned officers they don’t like out of the force.

CTV News reported Tuesday that Dennis Tissington, 67, had been charged with mischief following a confrontation Saturday, part of which was recorded by Damian Dallyn.

The video Dallyn recorded – showing Tissington smashing through two windows in Dallyn’s car, while Dallyn sat inside – was posted online, and started going viral.

Toronto police say there is no reason to believe that a series of disappearances in the city’s Church-Wellesley Village are in any way related.

The neighbourhood has been on edge for more than a year after two men -- Andrew Kinsman and Selim Esen -- went missing.

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