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On the trip back home I hit Janesville area where I picked up a two gallon Wisconsin Territory stoneware Jug by Cunningham and some other odds and ends.All three will be up as spinners on the Wisconsin Antique & Advertising Club website soon. 03/05/2014 Additions to the galleries are made every day.Cindy found them treasure hunting when she was twelve years old. She has moved around the entire country and finally settled in Florida with them in tow.Back in 1974 or 1975 a collector offered her 0 apiece for them. Cindy decide they were better off in the hands of someone who appreciated them.The goblets (small wine glasses) were made over a number of years, and the base embossing may differ slightly from piece to piece.For instance, in the accompanying photo, the goblet on the left is marked “1976 AVON PRESIDENTS CELEBRATION / [mold number] 10”, and the example on right is marked simply “AVON” along with a mold number.If you have pertinent information in that regard, please feel free to contact me!

Few, if any, Avon bottles are marked with a logo or other identification indicating what glass company made them.Phone numbers usually help guide newcomers to your meetings.In an attempt to keep these details up to date please notify us of changes.These pages will be ongoing with new items being added constantly.Clubs and Show organisers may forward details of up and coming events.

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    During World War I and II, observatory or defensive barrage balloons were launched skyward before battle.