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If the installation was completed successfully, then two code snippets will be displayed on your screen. Please copy the appropriate lines of code depending on whether you wish to use docked themes or embedded theme. The first code is for docked themes like Glass, Hangout, Facebook etc. Also the page may display a list of files and folders which may require additional permissions. This guide will help you through the installation process and get Comet Chat running on your site.Installation is very straight forward, only taking about 5 minutes from uploading the files to viewing the Comet Chat bar on your site.Contact us today for more information about our customisable products.Another great advantage of php LD is the number of templates and mods available.

There is no shortage of people available to help you find success with your directory.

Before you begin, you will need an FTP client, if you do not have one, some popular solutions include File Zilla (free) or Cute FTP (trial).

You do not need programming knowledge to install Comet Chat, but a working knowledge of FTP functions is a plus.

We have a very active support forum where people are able to get help, discuss features, request mods, or release mods.

If you have questions, you will find answers in the support forum, and we strive to answer all questions.

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