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“I’ve positioned myself in a place where my color-blindness does not impact my daily job,” Stanley says.“But I’m definitely seeing something with these glasses.” Back in the early 1980's I tried a color correction lens for my red/green color blindness.“I found myself being quicker in making color assertions,” he says.Neitz, the color vision researcher, is skeptical of the technology.The idea is that the notches create greater separation between the red and green signals entering the eye, allowing the brain to better calculate the colors.Patrick Stanley is a graduate student in materials science at the University of Maryland, College Park.But in 8.0% of men and 0.5% of women, a mutation in the genes coding for one or more of those proteins results in a cone that absorbs in the wrong place—or not at all.

En Chroma says its glasses can help some colorblind people distinguish colors better.

The biochemical trick to color vision is that this chromophore is placed inside a barrel-shaped protein, explains ophthalmology professor Jay Neitz of the University of Washington, Seattle.

Amino acids point in from the walls of the barrel, altering the distribution of electrons on the chromophore.

All three kinds of cones use the same light-absorbing small molecule, or chromophore: 11-cis-retinal.

In isolation, it has an absorption peak in the ultraviolet region of the spectrum.

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