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This train of thought manifested last night when I stayed up too late designing a crappy t-shirt again.

This time around I tapped my Bleedthrough nostalgia.

David has brought back to life a lot of the old features including the ‘Tour Archive’ which lets everyone upload their own personal Live Photos, Set Lists, and Reviews of every show, dating back to 1999.

David’s somehow managed to rebuild much of the site from scratch working from his home in-between other jobs, while simultaneously having a real life baby as well… Back in late 2015, two good friends met at a coffee shop in LA.

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Unfortunately, it’s not as populated as it was back in the day.We played as if there was no tomorrow, as we always do.When we walked off stage however, we found a country shattered and its people torn apart.As always, there are 5,000 free remixes available for download, direct downloads of multitracks for remixing, an upload area for remixes/unnofficial remixes/fan inspired songs/fan inspired poetry, and a new chat feature for discussing audio/daws/remixing.Absent from NINremixes this year though is former curator and active moderator Aaron House (Evil Ethics), who passed away earlier this year.

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