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It has established an export channel to Florida USA and produces around 25 000 bottles with five brands. lang=en Last but not least is another of my favorites from the vinicole group of Cándido Hernández Pío with different properties in different zones like Tacoronte-Acentejo and Valle de Güímar.The first one is the area of La Matanza with 10 Ha at altitude of 150-180 meters above sea level and the second at Candelaria (had to say my paternal grandparents are natives of Candelaria!!!I am starting the second week of January 2018 with my beloved Spain news report.There have been lots of problems with the snow falling there and accidents galore along the AP-6 highway but things are beginning to be back to normal.The temps today at 45F or about 8C and cloudy , the rest of the week shows rain in Madrid.However, the news are many to start: Let me tell you a bit about the wines of my ancestry in the Canary Islands ; base on studies by Enomaq a fair in Zaragoza on the trade here: https:// Pushing for helping wines revive on the islands they have come up with a few worth seeing and my favorite will tell you too.The showing here comes from the Royal Opera House, in London and with some changes here on the scenery with decoration on background even snow falling during the entire presentation.

A goulish wine with note of yellow prunes and peaches, citrics, grassy herbs.It has 13,5 degrees alcohol and a wide mouth taste.The bodega is already famous for its sweeter wines under the brand Humboldt,in the Icod area.More on them here: - Acentejo You continue with the Bodega Comarcal del Valle de Güímar ,another cooperative with more than 130 members and 160 ha area where they process over 200 000 liters 90% of them white wines on vinyards going from 200 to 1500 meters altitude over sea level.At the highest areas especially at Las Dehesas and Los Pelaos,they do the wine Brumas de Ayosa Blanco on lies 2016, from the grape Listán blanco and aromas of leaves and apple very creamy on the taste; not try myself.

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